Cooking Robot: What is It and What Are Its Functions?

Cooking Robot

Driven by modern technology, our lifestyle is undergoing profound changes. Cooking robots in kitchen appliances are an emerging type of smart home appliance.

With the continuous advancement of artificial intelligence, cooking robots are not only changing our traditional cooking methods, but also helping us improve cooking efficiency.

This article will introduce in detail what cooking robots are, their core functions, advantages, application scenarios, etc.

What is a cooking robot?

cooking robot

A cooking robot is an intelligent kitchen device that can automatically perform various cooking tasks. They integrate multiple functions and can complete multiple tasks such as chopping, stirring, mixing, steaming, stewing, etc.

The difference between cooking robots and traditional kitchen appliances lies in their intelligence and versatility. Traditional kitchen appliances can usually only complete specific single tasks, while cooking robots can integrate multiple functions and automatically complete complex cooking processes through intelligent programs.

What are the functions of the cooking robot?

The functions of the cooking robot can save a lot of time, allowing us to cook delicious food easily and quickly.


The TOKIT Cooking Robot is a kitchen appliance that integrates 21 different kitchen utensils. These food processor parts include a blender for making smoothies and sauces, a kettle for boiling water, a digital scale for accurately weighing ingredients, and a whisk for mixing and whipping.

This integration not only saves counter space but also reduces the time spent switching between different cooking utensils.

Multiple cooking modes

The cooking robot has 11 different operating modes to accommodate various cooking techniques, such as steaming, frying, slow cooking, etc. Each mode adjusts the temperature and cooking time accordingly, allowing you to easily get perfect results with minimal effort.

The versatility provided by these modes allows users to try different recipes and cooking styles, ensuring that everything from meat to desserts is prepared accurately.

Smart cooking assistant

TOKIT Cooking Robot has an interactive step-by-step tutorial mode that guides users through recipes. This feature is supported by a large, user-friendly touchscreen interface that clearly displays instructions and simplifies the cooking process.

This makes the device particularly attractive to cooking novices or those who want to easily try complex recipes. It is not only a tool but also a learning aid that helps users improve their cooking skills over time.

Time efficiency

A major feature of the TOKIT Cooking Robot is its double-layer steamer, which allows users to cook up to three different dishes at the same time. This is particularly useful for preparing an entire meal from appetizers to main courses to desserts in one go, significantly reducing overall cooking time.

Smoke-free technology

TOKIT Cooking Robot heats to below the smoke point of most cooking oils, the generation of fumes is minimized during the cooking process. Fumes are a common byproduct of the cooking process that creates a mess and poses health risks when inhaled. This feature ensures a cleaner cooking environment, especially for small or enclosed kitchens with limited ventilation.

Easy to clean

Easy to clean is a key factor in modern kitchen appliances. TOKIT's Cooking Robot solves this problem with a pre-cleaning mode that automatically cleans the machine with minimal user intervention. Users simply add water and a cleaning agent (such as concentrated lemonade), press a button, and the machine cleans itself.

Exclusive recipe access

The TOKIT website provides users with access to a recipe website that contains thousands of recipes from around the world. Allowing users to explore the culinary traditions of different cultures and sync their favorite tokit recipes directly with the machine.

Understanding these unique features of the cooking robot can not only assist in daily cooking but also enhance the overall cooking experience.

Advantages of cooking robots

cooking robots

  • Improve cooking efficiency: cooking robots can automatically complete many tedious preparations and cooking processes, greatly shortening cooking time.
  • Maintain food quality and consistency: Due to precise time and temperature control, the cooking effect can be consistent every time, ensuring the quality of food.
  • Save time and labor: With a cooking robot, users can do other things while the machine is working, greatly improving time utilization.
  • Safety and easy cleaning: Cooking robots are usually designed with safety and ease of cleaning in mind. Some parts can be disassembled and put into the dishwasher for cleaning, reducing the trouble of cleaning.

What are the types of cooking robots?

Cooking robots can be divided into the following types:

Household cooking robots

Household cooking robots can help cooking enthusiasts with daily cooking tasks. They may include functions such as automatic cooking, rice cooking, baking, etc., and usually have easy-to-use interfaces and preset menus to make the cooking process more convenient.

Commercial cooking robots

Commercial cooking robots can work stably in high-intensity commercial environments. They can quickly and accurately complete a large amount of food preparation, such as cooking, cutting, stirring, etc., and are usually designed with more complex programs and larger processing power to adapt to fast-paced business needs.

Specialized cooking robots

Specialized cooking robots are usually dedicated to making specific types of food, such as bread, pizza or sushi. Their design and functions are optimized for specific cooking tasks to improve the production efficiency and quality of specific foods.

Modular cooking robots

Cooking robots with modular design can be equipped with different components or modules as needed to adapt to different cooking tasks. This flexibility allows them to expand or change functions by replacing modules in different occasions.

Smart cooking system

This is not exactly a robot in the traditional sense, but includes the integration of multiple smart devices and systems, such as smart ovens, smart refrigerators, and Internet-connected kitchen appliances, which can be remotely operated via smartphones or voice assistants to automate the cooking process.

These different types of cooking robots each have their own characteristics and applicable scenarios, and are constantly promoting the development of cooking automation from home kitchens to professional catering services.

How to choose a cooking robot?

Choosing a suitable cooking robot often requires considering many factors to provide useful value for your kitchen life. Here are some small suggestions:

Evaluate your needs

First, you need to clarify your own usage needs, whether it is daily home cooking or professional use. Home users can choose models with diverse functions and easy operation, while professional users need to consider commercial models with stronger performance and processing capabilities.

Functions and budget

Choose a suitable cooking robot according to your budget. The more functions, the higher the price. You need to balance the budget and the required functions to avoid blindly pursuing high-priced products.

Brand and warranty policy

Choosing products from well-known brands (such as TOKIT) is usually more secure. Brands with high reputation will have corresponding after-sales and technical guarantees to ensure that problems encountered during use can be solved in a timely manner.


As an emerging smart device in modern kitchens, cooking robots are gradually changing the way we cook. More and more people are using them to help themselves make delicious food. It not only improves cooking efficiency, but also makes cooking easier and more enjoyable.

With the continuous advancement of current technology, cooking robots in the future will become more intelligent, bringing more innovations and possibilities. Whether for home users or professional kitchens, cooking robots will become an important helper in our kitchens.

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