TOKIT Affiliate Program

Earn commissions and give coupons for your referrals

10% Commission

Earn 10% commission from each successful referral sale on bundles

5% off coupon

Exclusive 5% off for your referrals

Easy tracking

Email notifications for your successful referral sales

Simple sign-up

No sign up fee. Sign up in few minutes

Easy to promote

Trusted by wordwide customers and recommended by chefs

Easy to share

Exclusive referral link and customized discount code


Just simply sign up through the portal. It just takes few minutes.

Don't forget to add your payment methods.

There's no sign up fee.

We would invite some influencers with certain amount of followers. They may be a professional chefs or gym coaches, etc.

We would also approve the customers who already own TOKIT products and really love them. They may have shared excellent meals cooking with TOKIT and tagged us on social media. So let us see your sharings. The next invite might be you!

Anyways, if you're a TOKIT products lover or expert, you're welcome to join us!

You could refer to your friends if you truely like our products. You could simply send website links and recommend them checking our official social media accounts.

Registering any social media account with TOKIT logo or official name are not allowed. The official email is ended with "".

If you have any questions, please send emails through affiliate program and let us know about your register email as well.

When a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you get 10% commissions on order value (shipping fee & tax excluded).

You would get email notifications if there's any successful sale. And you could check the amount of commission in your account.

Add your paypal account as the payment method. The payment goes automactically for your commission. We only accept the tracked order in Goaffpro.

Commissions will be issued after purchases made through your affiliate link has past the 30 days return period.

Your unique URL generates automatically after you sign up.

You could create your customized discount code.