TOKIT Omni Cook

Your Chef Robot for Easy Cooking

TOKIT Omni Cook - Your Chef Robot for Easy Cooking

In modern life, many people face various cooking challenges. The cluttered kitchen, tedious preparation and cleaning work, and difficult-to-master recipes make cooking a daunting task. The TOKIT smart multifunctional cooking robot solves all these problems, making cooking simple and fun.

Cooking Pain Points

The kitchen is cluttered and messy, not a pretty sight.

Every time you cook, the kitchen is filled with various utensils and appliances, affecting aesthetics and creating immense pressure.

Spending hours cooking only to feel exhausted afterward.

From preparation to cooking, it consumes a lot of time and energy, often feeling drained before even sitting down to eat.

Feeling too tired to clean up after a meal.

After enjoying a meal, the last thing you want to do is tackle a mountain of dishes and greasy pots and pans.

Not knowing how to cook desired dishes leading to failed attempts.

Desiring certain dishes but not knowing where to start, the complex cooking steps are daunting, resulting in repeated failed attempts.

Product Features

TOKIT Omni Cook, the smart multifunctional cooking robot, is a must-have tool in the modern kitchen, offering versatility, convenience, time-saving, and delicious outcomes.

One appliance for all functions

TOKIT kitchen robot integrates the functions of dozens of small appliances. Whether it's mixing, steaming, baking, stir-frying, or soup-making, one machine can handle it all. With TOKIT, you have an all-in-one kitchen appliance.

Follow recipes without brain power

With a built-in library of recipes and a 7-inch touchscreen interactive system, cooking becomes simple and intuitive. Choose a recipe, follow the steps, and enjoy delicious dishes effortlessly.

 Let it do all the work

Cleaning is often a headache, but the TOKIT kitchen robot features a high-temperature self-cleaning function. After cooking, simply press a button, and the machine cleans itself without residue, eliminating the need for manual scrubbing, allowing you to enjoy a leisurely cooking experience.

TOKIT Omni Cook is not just a tool but the heart of a smart kitchen. With an intelligent assistance system, it offers customized cooking solutions, automatic cooking curves, turning every dish into a chef-level delight. Enter the era of smart cooking by owning a kitchen robot.

Patent Technology

The core competency of TOKIT Omni Cook lies in its independently developed CookingloT smart assistance system, laying the foundation for the future smart kitchen ecosystem.

Self-developed technology system CookingIoT

The CookingloT smart assistance system provides personalized cooking experiences to users through real-time algorithm optimization backed by big data. Whether a novice or a seasoned cook, they can create satisfying dishes with its help.

Real-time algorithm optimization supported by big data

The system analyzes users' cooking habits and preferences in real-time, providing the most suitable cooking solutions. Through continuously optimized algorithms, it ensures each cooking experience is enjoyable.

Online delivery of high-quality cooking solutions

For family gatherings or daily meals, the CookingloT system tailors the best cooking solutions based on user needs, making every meal a delightful experience.

Automatic customized cooking curves for a worry-free cooking experience

With intelligent system-generated cooking curves, precise control of heat and timing becomes effortless. No need for complex operations; by simple settings, you can create dishes that are both flavorful and aromatic.

Even kitchen novices can cook confidently with the TOKIT smart multifunctional cooking robot. Each cooking attempt is a pleasant experience, each dish a successful creation.

Crowdfunding Success

In 2021, TOKIT Omni Cook launched its initial crowdfunding campaign on the renowned platform Kickstarter, achieving remarkable results. It ranked 20th on the Kickstarter 2021 crowdfunding list, breaking the million-dollar mark. This not only showcases the strong appeal and vast market potential of TOKIT Omni Cook but also demonstrates consumers' high recognition and expectations for smart cooking devices.

TOKIT's smart multifunctional cooking robot not only addresses traditional cooking pain points but also brings a new cooking experience with its versatility, convenience, time-saving features, and delicious outcomes. Through the self-developed CookingloT smart assistance system, TOKIT Omni Cook sets a new era for smart kitchens, enabling everyone to enjoy the pleasure of cooking effortlessly. From now on, even kitchen novices can transform into chefs and savor delicious home-cooked meals every day. Choose TOKIT, cook with AI, and experience a delightful life.

TOKIT Omni Cook

Your Chef Robot for Easy Cooking